Blue Seed Fan Community

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This is a community for fans of 'Blue Seed'. The series has been on DVD since 2002 but there are no communities for it. Please have fun and do not cause trouble or you will be dealt with.

Community Rules:

Please try to keep your post to the series. There is a lot to say about the series and OVA so lets talk about it as much as we can.

No arguments. Be an adult and try to keep the baggage at the door so to speak. This community is here for fans of the series/manga/OVA to chat with each other.

Please remember there will be members of the community that are young, so keep your post PG-13 and under.

Please if you’re posting a spoiler, fan art, fan fiction, please lj-cut it. Also if you are posting something that is above the PG-13 rating please lj-cut it and warn the users.

Warning: As the moderator of the community, I reserve the right to delete post if they are, offensive, rude, off topic or inappropriate. You will receive a warning. After three warnings you will be banned for the community.